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Is it legal to purchase product directly from us?

Yes, consumers cannot purchase product from a cultivation facility. We provide product to retail facilities and that is where consumers purchase cannabis, in Alaska.


Where are you located?

Due to security reasons, we do not share our location freely to consumers. Wholesalers will have the ability to tour facilities, if needed. Also, growing cannabis is a sensitive operation both in execution and technique. We appreciate the desire to see our garden, and so we try to show you through videos and photos. Finally, keeping bugs out of our operation is critical and many people can carry various types of bugs on them without even knowing. Such a problem can cause serious trouble for our growers. We appreciate your understanding.


Is marijuana legal in Alaska?

Yes, you are allowed to purchase marijuana in Alaska. No more than one ounce of flower, seven grams of concentrate, or 5,600 milligrams THC in edibles may be purchased in a single transaction. Please note, you must have a childproof container when transporting in Alaska, even if it’s for personal use.


When are new strains coming out?

As professional cultivators, we work hard to stay on top of the industry. That being said, we are always looking for the next best strain to release. “Pheno Hunting” can take some time but we deliver new strains with almost every crop. Stay in touch with our Youtube channel and website for updates.